Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permit Course & Firearms Instruction

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Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit Course

Course Info
Start Time: 8:00 AM (8 hour course)
Course fee $70.00
(Discounts for couples and groups of 6 or more)
Active/Reserve/Guard Military Discounts   ($60.00) 

Fingerprint Card, Application and Fingerprinting (on-site or voucher based on class size)

Student Must Bring:

Bring Eye and Ear protection, firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition. I can arrange a firearm and ammunition for you with a little prior notice.

Training Location:

  Usery Mountain Shooting Range
  Rio Salado Sportsmanís Club
  3960 N Usery Pass Road
  Mesa, AZ 85207
  7 miles north of Highway 60
  (Ellsworth Road Exit)

Alternate Training Options:

Private groups and ďat-your-siteĒ training available. Range time for ďat-your-siteĒ training is scheduled separately and the shooting portion of the course may or may not be same day based on range availability. Range requirements will be completed at Usery Mountain Shooting Range (Rio Salado Sportsmanís Club) unless other arrangements are provided by those requesting the training.

Courses may be scheduled for two evening classes (3 hours each) and a range day/evening (2 hours).

Minimum course fee "at-your-site" training is $300.00 for up to 4 people. Each additional person is $70.00 each.

Course Description:

Class Objectives
  • To allow students to carry concealed weapons after successfully completing an 8-hour course of instruction, passing a background check and receiving a permit from DPS.

  • To inform students of the responsibility of firearms safety, use of deadly force, maintenance of firearms, proper mental conditioning, marksmanship and judgmental shooting situations, as required by law.

  • To display knowledge and proficiency of deadly force issues by passing an approved written test.

  • To display shooting proficiency by firing a minimum of ten rounds of live ammunition for qualification and achieving a score of at least 70 percent.

Safe Handling and Storage of Firearms

  •  The Five Firearms Safety Rules

  • Firearm storage devices Locking devices

  • Training household members

  • Loaded firearms in the home

Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Deadly Force

  • Arizona law requires persons who wish to carry concealed weapons to receive initial training in order to obtain and renew a permit to carry concealed weapons for self-defense.
  • The legal issues are the most important because violations of the laws pertaining to the use of firearms can lead to imprisonment, fines and civil lawsuits
  • Laws pertaining to firearms and deadly physical force
  • Contact with law enforcement

Firearms Care and Maintenance

Mental Conditioning for the Use of Deadly Force

Judgmental Shooting

Firearms Manipulation, Marksmanship and Practice

Written Test

Range Qualification

Self Defense Attorney

3920 South Alma School Road, Suite 5
Chandler, Arizona 85248

Phone: (480) 755-7110
Fax: (480) 755-8286

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Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permit Course & Firearms Instruction in Phoenix
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